Parts & Specs

Workstation comes with all the components you need to take advantage of reliable, repeatable and versatile fixturing right out of the box.


The core of Workstation with durable ShaperTape pre-applied and multiple ways to secure to your bench.

Clamping face

A versatile clamping platform that is factory calibrated to guarantee precision alignment every time.

Support bar

An adjustable support for the front edge of Origin, designed to keep your cuts flat and precise.

Support arms

Easy to install arms that hold the Support Bar in line with the body.


A height adjustable surface for fixturing small or difficult-to-hold work pieces of almost any thickness.

Angle fence

An adjustable angle guide with a built-in scale makes it easy to set up and cut angled tenons between 0° and 45°.

4mm Wrench

T-Handle Hex Wrench for every commonly used screw on the Workstation. 

Hold Down Clamps

Included T-Track Clamps for versatile and secure fixturing.


Sacrificial MDF used to minimize tear out when cutting. 

  • imperial

  • 9.8 in

    Max. Height

  • 18.3 in


  • 20.3 in


  • 21.5 lbs

    Assembled Weight