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Shaper Woven Dust Hose

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  • Braided sleeve prevents snags
  • Lightweight and flexible for ease of use and long service life
  • Conical connector mates with a variety of DC connectors (27 mm - 32 mm)
  • 2.5 meter length (8.2 feet)
  • Injection molded plastic for durability and strength
  • Antistatic material to reduce static buildup during use
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Shaper Woven Dust Hose - SR1-250

The Shaper Woven Dust Hose is light, flexible, and durable, with a braided sleeve to prevent snagging and pulling and a versatile tapered connector to ensure optimum suction power with a wide variety of dust collection systems. Its antistatic properties make it ideal for use with Origin and the Injection molded plastic ensures a long, reliable service life. Whether it's this hose, or another, make sure that you're always using dust collection when cutting with Origin.

Length: 2.5 meter (8.2 feet)

Connector Diameter: 27 mm - 32 mm

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The Shaper Woven Dust Hose's tapered connector securely mates with ports between 27 mm and 32 mm.

You can use any hose that mates securely with Origin's dust port (27 mm internal diameter). We also strongly recommend that you use an antistatic hose such as the Shaper Woven Dust Hose to prevent static build-up while you cut.