Software Updates

Origin's operating system is free and frequently updates. Connect your tool to Wi-Fi to download the latest software, Inverness.

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Version - November 21st 2022

Fixes & Assorted Enhancements

  • Unless otherwise noted, below fixes apply to both Origin Gen1 and Gen2.

  • (Gen1) Fixed a rare issue that could cause some tools to fail to touch off successfully

  • (Gen1) Fixed a rare issue that made it difficult to enter auto-locked mode with a double click on certain tools

  • (Gen1) Fixed a regression introduced in in which a tiny offset (approximately the thickness of two human hairs) was applied to the z-axis touchoff zero position

  • (Gen1) Fixed a boot screen visual styling regression introduced in

  • Note that USB update files are released several weeks after a release is made available for Wi-Fi update

Version - November 21st 2022

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  • Manual Z-Touch

    It’s now possible to manually calibrate Origin’s Z-Axis zero-height before cutting by lowering/raising the spindle with the buttons on the handles. 

    Manual Z-Touch is the best way to calibrate Origin’s z-axis zero-height when using fine router bits with small diameters (e.g.engraving bits), and/or when working with soft surfaces like cork or foam.

  • Encoded Depth

    Assign depths to individual paths in your Workspace so you don’t accidentally cut deeper than you intended.

    Helpful icons/warnings appear in Origin’s Cut Mode UI so you can keep track of your Encoded Depths. 

    A warning will prevent you from accidentally cutting deeper than a path's Encoded Depth. Optionally bypass this warning.

Fixes & Assorted Enhancements

  • Unless otherwise noted, below fixes apply to both Origin Gen1 and Gen2.

  • Optimizations to system performance

  • Improved readability of certain modals

  • Language and translation improvements throughout UI

  • Added Encoded Depth for Box Joint Basic when created on tool

  • (Gen2) Improved hardware fault detection and fixed a rare issue in which a motor fault could be reported when one did not actually occur

  • Added QR codes throughout UI which conveniently link to helpful information on

  • Now cache toolpaths for specific bit diameter and offset combos

  • Added quick guides for learning about new features

  • Fixed assorted, rarely-occurring application crashes

  • Wi-Fi networks can be selected and connected to from the system recovery screen

  • (Gen2) Improved handling of jammed Z-Axis (i.e. with wood or shipping lock)

  • Improved resilience of Wi-Fi connectivity in certain conditions where it previously would not reliably connect

Version - July 19th 2021


  • Minor system stability improvement

How do I update my Origin
How do I update my Origin

Version - July 15th 2021

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  • Position

    It’s now possible to quickly lock an object in a precise location by entering dimensions relative to your Grid’s (X,Y) axes.

    You can use the Calculator’s operation keys (+, -, x, /) to reposition an object relative to its current location.

    Lock one axis numerically, then physically move Origin to adjust your object’s position along the unlocked axis.

    A new X,Y marker shows the orientation of your grid’s X,Y axes to keep you oriented as you move Origin around your workspace.

  • Import/Copy Mode Improvements

    When copying objects, the copied object will be overlaid on top of the original object. If you move Origin by a small amount, your copied object will detach from the original object and follow Origin’s reticule as you move.

    The bounding box which surrounds your object now respects the actual extent and orientation of your object.

    With the bounding box changes, scale is unaffected by rotation and is an accurate representation of the object's size.

    A new Mirror function within the Scale Menu allows you to flip your objects horizontally or vertically.

    In a workspace which contains a Grid, rotations are based on your Grid axes. 0 degrees will be aligned to your (X,Y) axes. In a workspace which does not contain a Grid, rotations are based on the orientation of Origin. 0 degrees will always be horizontally aligned to your screen

    Rotation values are saved when you place an object. You can return to this object later to make rotational adjustments.

    The anchor point selector now reflects the orientation of your object in the workspace, making it easier to select the correct anchor.

  • Custom Anchors

    Custom Anchors give you greater control over the placement of imported objects than is offered by Origin’s standard nine-point anchor system.

    Add a custom anchor to your design in your chosen software by creating a red right-angled triangle. The right angle vertex defines the location of the anchor point. The shorter leg of the right angle defines the X-axis and the longer leg defines the Y-axis.

  • Zoom Overhaul

    You can now pinch to zoom in Scan Mode, Design Mode, and Cut Mode.

    Scan Mode, Design Mode, and Cut Mode all have different default zoom levels to give you the best view for the operations you will typically perform within each Mode.

    Design Mode remembers your most recent zoom level.

    Performance and interaction improvements have been made to the zoom slider.

  • Pocket Cutting Refinements

    It’s easier to control Origin while pocketing. Unexpected cutter movement has been eliminated and the overall experience is much more predictable.


  • Wi-Fi connection improvements have been made for tools which may have previously experienced issues

  • Improved touchscreen accuracy and responsiveness on tools that may have previously experienced degraded touchscreen performance

  • Rename a workspace quickly from within Scan Mode

  • Processing for fractional offsets is much faster

  • Attempting to modify the path type of an open path will trigger an error message

  • Resolved a bug when creating rectangles with negative dimensions

  • Shaper can now offer Remote Support to Origin owners whose tools experience software issues

  • Origin now adjusts for small lateral movements made by the user while plunging/retracting

  • Origin’s sidebars become transparent while cutting to give you a larger view of your workspace

  • Imported shapes default to the center anchor point

Version - May 22nd 2020


  • Fixed a stability issue that affected some units

Version - May 20th 2020

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  • Grid Creation and Use

    It is now possible to grid from any edge of your workpiece

    Grids can now be created using a “center point” Y-Axis

    Existing grids can now be easily modified

    You can now select which edge of the probe bit to register off of

  • Workspaces

    The Workspace selection UI has been overhauled

    You can now rename, duplicate, sort, and search for Workspaces

    The Workspace selection interface now enables you to quickly identify Workspaces that incorporate ShaperTape currently within Origin’s camera view

    Switch to Workspace: You can automatically switch Workspaces mid-session by simply pointing Origin at a previously-scanned Workspace

  • Complex File/Scan Enhancements

    Origin can now handle more complex files

    There is now better messaging through the UI to show when Origin is processing (for example, when computing an offset on a complex shape)


  • Origin’s on-screen keyboard is now more responsive

  • The Text Basic Extension now includes a much larger selection of characters

  • Origin now supports files created by

  • Guides are now always selected last when in cut mode

  • Improvements to internationalization have been implemented throughout the UI

  • The Wi-Fi selection screen will now tell you if no compatible networks are in range

  • Origin is now more resistant to rare file corruption failures

  • Several rare software crashes that previously caused Origin’s UI to freeze have been resolved

  • Minor security patches have been applied to Origin’s OS

Version - January 28th 2020


  • Fixed a motor control bug that affected some Origins

Version - January 20th 2020


  • Improved Z-Axis motor retraction behavior and fault handling capabilities

  • Fixed a bug that could result in the UI becoming unresponsive

  • Fixed a font kerning issue with the “W” character in the “Text basic” extension

Version - November 18th 2019


  • Fixed minor scanning visualization artifact

  • System stability improvements

Version - October 2nd 2019

  • Minor motor control subsystem bug fixes

  • Placing a file in an unknown workspace will no longer cause Origin’s software to crash

Version - September 25th 2019

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  • Box Joint Basic Extension

    Make box joints with ease on-tool—no computer or physical templates required! Input your parameters and Origin will automatically generate the cut paths for both sides of a box joint.

  • Text Basic Extension

    Adding single-line text to your next project is now a breeze. Just type in your text and Origin will automatically generate an engraveable cut path.


  • Improvements to internationalization throughout the UI

  • Pinch-to-Zoom now works while placing objects designed on-tool

  • Improved robustness of Origin’s motor control software systems

  • Elimination of the cause behind several rare software crashes

  • Improved thermal management by better detection of system idle states

  • More intuitive software update flow and notifications

  • Fixed an issue where copied objects could exhibit a scaling discrepancy

  • Fixed some rare software crashes that could result in a “recovery loop”

  • Fixed a bug where the update progress bar could sometimes behave erratically

  • Minor security patches

  • On-Tool account creation provides more useful error messages on failure

Version - April 11th 2019

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  • Auto-Lock Mode

    It is now possible to “lock” origin into Auto mode (with a chosen feedrate) by double-clicking the green button at the start of a cut.

  • Improved File/Folder Navigation

    Origin’s design import menu now remembers where you left off to make your design process faster.

  • Support for Single Line Font SVGs

    Origin will now properly understand SVGs that were created from single line fonts and allow them to be engraved.


  • Improved responsiveness of plunge stop when creating a grid.

  • Fixed a software crash that can occur when leaving Origin idle for a long time

  • It is now possible to mirror a design on-tool by entering a negative scale value

  • Grid tool now properly treats probe diameter as different from tool diameter

  • User will be reminded if a scan is “low accuracy” on each load of that workspace

  • Fixed several rare issues that could cause Origin to hang or crash when working with complex files

  • Fixed several software crashes that could be caused by placing certain design files

  • Origin now boots to a usable state faster after a software update has occurred

  • Various error messages have been improved to better recommend corrective actions

  • Users are now prompted to retry Z-Touch after it is prevented due to the spindle being on

  • Origin’s Wi-Fi MAC address is now shown on the Info page in the Settings menu

  • Changed out-of-box cut settings to default to aircut depth

  • Fixed an issue that could cause factory resets to fail on Origins with a lot of saved workspaces

Version - December 10th 2018

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  • Improvements to Onboard Keyboard

    Origin’s new keyboard now supports a wider variety of special characters

    When using the keyboard, users can now use a magnifier tool to ensure that they are entering their intended letters, numbers and characters

  • Low Accuracy Scans

    When a user creates a Low Accuracy Scan, Origin will notify the user and then give the user the option to use this Low Accuracy Scan or to create a New Scan. Note: for most accurate results, we recommend performing a New Scan instead of using a Low Accuracy Scan.

  • Multilingual and Multi-Region Support

    Users can now interact with Origin in French or German, in addition to English

    To change your tool’s language or region settings once you have installed Emeryville, go to: Settings ⇒ Info ⇒ Language/Region


  • Fixed bug that was preventing some users from logging into ShaperHub on Origin

  • Addressed issue that forced users to power cycle after deleting all their workspaces

  • Improved spindle power state detection during Z-touchoff and cutting

  • Improved error messages and better onboarding experience

Version - October 1st 2018

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  • Fast Retract

    Origin will now retract the spindle quickly when finishing a cut or going out of bounds to save you time when cutting projects with lots of paths

  • Enhanced Pocketing

    In Castro, you could only start a pocket on its edges. Now, you can start a pocket cut from anywhere inside of the shape.

  • Enhanced Path Selection

    When multiple paths are underneath the range circle, a Select button will appear in Design and Cut. Tapping Select will allow you to select precisely the path you want.

    Hold down the Select button to see which paths can be switched to.

  • Zoom during place

    See your workpiece up close so you can more precisely place designs

  • Enhanced Path Visuals

    Selected paths are much more obvious, now rendered in a thicker, more contrasting color (green)

    Nearby paths show the area that will be cut so that you can see where paths may overlap

  • Sticky anchor point type

    When placing or copying designs, your last-used anchor point type (Top left, Middle, Bottom right, etc) will be saved and used the next time you place or copy.

  • Improved Software Update experience

    You’ll be notified when there’s an update available, and have up to 5 days to install, so you can get the latest software on your schedule.


  • Revised tool settings so you can see critical information at a glance

  • Moved ‘erase cuts’ button to a more deliberate on-screen location

  • Significant improvements to SVG parsing and rendering

  • Touch screen performance improvements

  • Performance and efficiency improvements (may result in reduced tool temperatures)

Version - June 28th 2018

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  • New “Add to Scan” mode replaces “Update Scan”

    The 'Add to Scan' allows users to make changes on their workspace (adding ShaperTape, inserting guide marks, etc.) and seamlessly incorporate this information into their original scans

Version - May 1st 2018

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  • Helix Mode

    Cutter is now able to move automatically in a controlled helical descent to a specified depth.

    Helix mode becomes available for Inside paths that are smaller than the corrective range.

  • Plunge and Auto Speeds Adjustment

    Cutter is now able to move automatically in a controlled helical descent to a specified depth.

    Tool will plunge at regular speed until reaching ‘Aircut’ height (just above your workpiece).

  • Calculator

    Number entry now includes mathematical operators.

    Can more easily input fractions in bit size and cut depth.

  • Grid tool improvements

    Plunge to your desired probe depth without performing Z-Touch first.

    A bit diameter can be specified for grid that does not affect your current cut settings.


  • Fixed issues that could lead to unintended cuts

  • Improved visual representation for already cut depths

  • Improved time required to process scans

  • Improved time required to place designs

  • Added ability to set anchor points when creating rectangles and circles on tool

  • Improved overall stability

  • Improved touch screen responsiveness

  • Changed background color of unscanned areas allowing to see placed designs

  • Updated some icons and illustrations

Version - January 29th 2018

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  • Grid Tool

    Users can now create a grid on their workpiece to ensure accuracy when placing designs from SVGs and creating designs using on-tool CAD.

  • Design Place and Copy

    Designs created on-tool can be copied, rotated, and locked to specific grid coordinates

  • Import Browser

    The file import screen now displays thumbnails and is sortable via file name or last-modified date

  • Pen Tool Expansion

    The Pen Tool can now be used to create open shapes


  • Increased stability when performing larger scans

  • Can now remove Wi-Fi networks

Version - December 7th 2017

  • Improved handling of SVG files

    Origin is now better able to parse a wide variety of SVG files, giving users more freedom when designing files

  • Folder support for USB disks

    Users can navigate among folders when importing files from a USB drive

  • Show tape health indicator in Design mode

    The 'tape health indicator' tracks how much scanned ShaperTape is within the tool's field of view at all times

  • Updated cut presets

    Offset and cut depth presets allow for easy adjustments to cut specs in between passes

  • Warn when spindle is off and Start Cutting is tapped

    A reminder notification alerts the user


  • Improvements for switching between multiple WiFi networks

Version - November 7th 2017

  • Scan Tool

    Scan a workspace

    Update workspace (to add new tape)

    On startup, Auto-Return to workpiece

    Select a previous workspace

    Delete old workspaces

  • Design

    Place a SVG transferred via USB

    Place a SVG transferred via ShaperHub

    Add a grid with spacing (⅛”, ¼”, ½”, 1”)

    Create a rectangle

    Create a rectangle with manually entered dimensions

    Create a rectangle with rounded corners

    Create a circle

    Create a circle with manually entered diameter

    Use Pen tool to create closed shapes

    Remove designs from workspace

  • Cut

    Set size of bit (Custom or standard presets)

    Set cut type (Inside, Outside, Online, Pocket, or Guide)

    Set cut depth (Custom or standard presets)

    Set cut offset (Custom or standard presets)

    Automatic Z touch off

    Automatically change cut type based on SVG colors

    Erase cut history

    Tape indicator to show tape health

  • Settings

    Set up WiFi

    Login/Logout with your Shaper Account

    Create a Shaper Account

    Change default units (in. or mm.)