You get store credit. Your tool gets a second life.

Everyone wins.

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Trade In and Trade Up

Receive store credit. Give your tool a second life.

With Shaper’s Trade-In Program, we offer a fast and seamless process to receive store credit for your used Gen1 Origin. Tools reconditioned in this program also stay out of the dump and get into new shops. Everyone wins.

How It Works

Receive your 
shipping label
Receive your 
shipping label

We’ll send you a pre-paid shipping label

Return your Origin
Return your Origin

You carefully package and return your Origin to Shaper.

Tool Inspection
Tool Inspection

A technician will inspect and evaluate the unit.

Get Store Credit
Get Store Credit

Within three business days of receiving your tool, you’ll receive a link to access your store credit.

A Sustainable Approach

Every tool received through our Trade-In Program will be evaluated and reconditioned so it can see action in a new shop. If a tool is unable to be reconditioned to acceptable standards, we are committed to recycling its components in a responsible manner.

What’s my Origin Worth?

We offer transparent pricing for three tiers of used machines. Our pricing model supports the reconditioning of your tool, or responsibly recycling it if it’s no longer functional.

Upgrade to Gen2

With store credit in your pocket, making the jump to an Origin Gen2 is that much easier.

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Need clarification on the trade-in process? Contact Shaper Support today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Each Origin is inspected and evaluated in-house by an expert trained technician. For machines determined to be in suitable operating condition, damaged or worn components are replaced and the unit is recalibrated to factory specifications. After a final cleaning and replenishment with brand new accessories including standard bits and ShaperTape, the reconditioned unit is offered for sale as a Reconditioned Origin.  In the event that an Origin is determined to be beyond its useful life, the tool is disassembled for recycling of constituent components in a responsible manner. 

Yes, currently we’re accepting trade-ins of Gen1 Shaper Origins, not Gen2 Origins. 

You can read about the differences between Gen1 and Gen2 Origins in our blog post here.

We currently offer trade-in credit ranging from $500 to $900, depending on the condition of the tool. 

No problem. We’re happy to send your Origin back to you if you do not accept the offer. We will pack your Origin securely and you’ll only be charged for the cost of return shipping.

Good question. If your Origin is in good shape and fine operating condition, we actually encourage you to sell your machine locally. Most likely, you’ll be able to realize a higher price and also avoid the shipment of the unit to and from Shaper HQ. This is an especially low-carbon-footprint way of extending the useful life of Origin by getting it into a new users’ hands while you set your sights on a new Origin. Our trade-in pricing accounts for the fact that the inbound machine will be reconditioned and recalibrated to factory specifications by a trained technician, or alternatively responsibly recycled if the machine is beyond repair.

The first step is to fill out the trade-in form linked at the top of this page. Once we receive your information and review your details, we'll follow up with a prepaid shipping label and instructions of how to prepare your Origin for safe shipment back to Shaper HQ. 

You can find the serial number of your tool under Settings > Info, or on the product label found on the side of the tower. It is a five-digit alphanumeric. Example: SO1-NN1ZF0L

Once you accept the trade-in offer, you’ll be issued a unique discount code for use in our online store.

Yes, you may easily transfer AutoPass from one tool to another. Shaper support will be happy to walk you through the process.