Connected Caliper

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  • High precision caliper
  • Easy to connect to Origin or other Bluetooth® devices
  • Includes depth stop attachment

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Connected Caliper - SY1-CC1

Send precise measurements to Origin and other Bluetooth® devices with the push of a button.

Measuring accurately is essential to any successful project. With the Connected Caliper, sending precise measurements to Origin is simple and helps prevent unnecessary mistakes. Use them in the shop, on the job, or anywhere else you need to guarantee accurate measurements.

Connect. Measure. Send.

Range: 200 mm / 8in

Compatibility: Bluetooth® enabled

Accuracy: .001in

Protection: Water and dust resistant

The Perfect Companion to Origin

By pressing the yellow button, the Connected Caliper will send your measurement to Origin – automatically populating the dimension, from cut depth to part geometry.

Pairs with other Bluetooth® devices

Use the Connected Caliper to send measurements to your computer or tablet running your favorite CAD tool or spreadsheet.

Depth Stop Included

Measuring pockets and slots is simple and accurate with the included depth stop accessory.

Large Multi-Unit Display


Change units easily and switch from inches, to millimeters, or fractions..

Large Multi-Unit Display


Change units easily and switch from inches, to millimeters, or fractions..

Large Multi-Unit Display


Change units easily and switch from inches, to millimeters, or fractions..

What's in the box?

  • Connected Caliper
  • Protective case
  • Depth stop
  • Two Batteries
  • Battery compartment tool
  • Certificate of inspection

Frequently Asked Questions

The Connected Caliper is accurate to within .001" and has a .0005" resolution.

The Connected Caliper is designed to work with Shaper Origin, computers, tablets, and other Bluetooth® devices.

To connect with Origin, first make sure your Origin is updated to the latest release (Kirby Cove or higher). Then go to Settings -> Connected Tools -> Connect and follow the on-screen prompts. For subsequent connections, simply press and hold the yellow button for 4 seconds.

Yes! The Connected Caliper works with both Origin Gen1 and Gen2 as well as other Bluetooth® compatible devices.

No. Shaper Connected Caliper is designed specifically to pair effortlessly with Origin. But Shaper Connected Caliper can also connect to other compatible Bluetooth® devices such as laptops or tablets for use with applications like Studio.

No. Only specific Connected Devices are supported for use with Origin.

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