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Workholding perfected

Highly Versatile Fixturing

Workstation combines with Origin to create a precision cutting system that makes even the most demanding projects approachable and intuitive.

Mortise and Tenon
Box Joints
Difficult Workpieces

Clamp and Cut any Setup

The vertical and horizontal workholding capabilities of
Workstation enable you to cut a wide range of joinery.

Accurate Mortise & Tenons

Perfect Box Joints

Fixture Odd Pieces

Utilize Shelf for Smaller Pieces

Perform detailed cuts on small or difficult-to-fixture workpieces with the included Shelf.

Utilize shelf for horizontal cutting

Shelf makes it easy to register your workpiece so it’s flush with the top of Workstation.

Fixture vertical stock

Align and fixture vertical pieces for mortise and tenon joinery to the clamping face.

Repeatable Operations

With built-in alignment pins, repeatable operations become precise and easy.

Difficult Workpieces
Made Easy

Workstation gives you room to experiment and
reliability to iterate.

Cut & Repeat

Quick setup features make repetitive cuts for volume production fast and reliable.

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Shaper Workstation
Workholding perfected

Align and clamp your work with speed and precision using Shaper Workstation—the ultimate workspace and fixturing solution for your benchtop cutting operations.

Shaper Workstation

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Shaper Origin + Workstation
Save $100 when you purchase Workstation + Origin

Enjoy unrivaled precision cutting by combining Origin with Workstation, our workholding solution for any project.

Shaper Origin + Workstation


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