Shaper Plate

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  • Integrates with the ShaperHub Hardware Catalog
  • Ships with a MINI SYS and two low-profile clamps
  • Fitted with an anti-slip backing for fast setup


Plate ships in 2-5 business days

Plate ships free of charge in the US and Canada!

Shaper Plate - SV1-AA

The Universal Template for Origin

Align Plate to your workpiece and let Origin do the rest. Utilize hundreds of digital files available on ShaperHub.

Endlessly flexible and fast to set up, Plate combines with the ShaperHub Hardware Catalog and enables you to install a wide range of hardware, inlay bow ties, round corners and much much more.

  • Width: 362mm, 14.25"

  • Height: 450mm, 17.7"

  • Thickness: 6.45mm, .25"

  • Cut Window Width: 160mm, 6.29"

  • Cut Window Height: 120mm, 4.72"

Warning: Attention California residents

Plate + Hardware Catalog

The ShaperHub Hardware Catalog expands Plate's functionality, providing vetted digital hardware files to instantly install in your projects.