Shaper Workstation

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  • Vertical and horizontal workholding capabilities
  • Secure small and difficult-to-fixture workpieces
  • Make perfect mortise-and-tenon joinery, box joints, and more
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Shaper Workstation - SW1-AA

Product Overview

Align and clamp your work with speed and precision using Shaper Workstation—the ultimate workspace and fixturing solution for your benchtop cutting operations. Workstation is designed to streamline your workflow and expand Origin’s abilities by offering rapid, repeatable and precise fixturing of a wide range of stock configurations. Workstation features a reusable ShaperTape field, easily adjustable Shelf for small or difficult-to-fixture workpieces, indexing pins for easy alignment and registration, and an Angle Fence for aligning stock at quick angles. These features greatly reduce setup time and make it easier than ever to get cutting quickly.

Max. Height: 250 mm, 9.8”

Depth: 465 mm, 18.3”

Width: 515 mm, 20.3”

Assembled Weight: 9.75kg, 21.5 lbs

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, Workstation includes a durable, pre-applied ShaperTape surface which features the fiducial markers which Origin uses to locate itself.

This depends on the orientation of your workpiece. Workstation’s Clamping Face is 415 mm, 16.3” x 200 mm, 7.8” but it’s possible to fixture workpieces which extend beyond the edges of the Clamping Face. In addition, note that the Support Arms are each independently removable to give you more fixturing freedom on either side.

Workstation includes 2 T-Track clamps. The clamping face features 4 T-Track grooves which will accept any clamp with a compatible T-Track.

You will need to secure Workstation to a stable workbench to provide a reliable cutting base. You can use clamps to temporarily mount Workstation to an MFT-style tabletop, or you can permanently mount Workstation to a surface with the included wood screws run through the mounting holes.

The clamps that are included with Workstation can be used to secure material that is up to approx. 64 mm,  2.5” in thickness.

Yes, both 25 mm spoilboards and 50 mm spoilboard are available in the spare parts section of our accessories store.

No, Workstation isn’t designed to fit in a regular Systainer, but it does easily break down and flat pack for easy storage and transportation.