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SessionDecember 15th, 2023|12:00 AM UTC

Introducing the Edge Mortising Adapter

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Bringing Shaper experts to you, live from Shaper HQ! Tune in for in-depth tutorials, walk-throughs, demos, live Q&A, and awesome giveaways!

Introducing the Edge Mortising Adapter

The Edge Mortising Adapter enables vertical workholding with Shaper Plate, making hardware installation and large joinery easier than ever. In this show we'll show you how to set up the Edge Mortising Adapter and how to use it in our favorite applications.

December 15, 2023

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Introducing Kirby Cove and the Connected Caliper

With new accessories and a fresh software update, we have a lot to talk about! Tune in this week to learn all about Kirby Cove, Shaper's latest free software update for Origin, including new on-tool design capabilities. We'll also show you how the new Connected Caliper sends precise measurements directly to Origin, with just the click of a button.

December 1, 2023

Sketching and Digital Design with Shaper Trace + Studio

Trace works seamlessly with Shaper Studio, our simplified digital design tool for craftspeople. Join us as we demonstrate how these two powerful tools come together to streamline your foam layout arrangements, enhance signage with customized text, and more!

November 17, 2023

Engravings, Inlays, and More with Shaper Trace + Origin

In our last episode we showed you how to use Trace with a wide variety of digital fabrication tools. Today, we're going deep with Shaper Origin, our handheld CNC machine, as we demonstrate customized engravings, inlays, and more!

October 26, 2023

Sessions 0093: Welcome to Trace

Trace is Shaper's latest tool, enabling you to go from sketch to vector in seconds. Follow along on this Session as we unbox a new Trace kit and show you how it works! To help you get the best results, we'll cover every feature, share our recommended do's and dont's, and demonstrate a few community-inspired projects.

October 12, 2023

Greene and Greene Furniture with Darrell Peart

September 28, 2023

Installing a Sink with Shaper Origin

New undermount sinks require clean, precise holes in your kitchen or bath countertop. Tune in to learn three ways to make that cut with Shaper Origin. If you've used Origin for home renovation, we'd love to hear from you - let us know in the comments, or send us an email!

September 14, 2023

Studio Update - Custom Anchors, Mirroring, and Selection Manager

We're always working to improve Shaper Studio, and today we're showing off the latest updates: custom anchor points, mirroring, and the new selection manager. Tune in to learn how these new features can help you out in the shop!

September 7, 2023

Cutting Brass with Shaper Origin

Did you know you can cut brass with Shaper Origin? We'll walk you through the details and demonstrate milling and engraving as we make a custom signature plate for a piece of furniture. We'll also show a few other applications, from custom keyhole plates to branding irons.

August 17, 2023

Easy Hardware Installation with Shaper Plate and Hardware Catalog

Shaper's Hardware Catalog includes free templates for over 150 pieces of architectural and fine woodworking hardware, and combining the Hardware Catalog with Shaper Plate makes hardware installation easier than ever. In this show we'll walk through a few of our favorite hardware applications, and show you how to use any Hardware Catalog template to install the hardware of your choice.

August 3, 2023

Meet the Hosts

Sessions host Jake in the Shaper HQ studioSessions host Jake in the Shaper HQ studio

Jake is a Senior Applications Specialist at Shaper and is fast becoming one of the most experienced Origin users in the world. Outside of Shaper, Jake is an artist and an avid wood turner.

Sessions host Russ in the Shaper HQ studioSessions host Russ in the Shaper HQ studio

Russ is a designer and engineer who uses the latest manufacturing technology to bring humanity to our manufactured world, from generative organic shapes to customizable parametric designs. He began working at Shaper Tools in 2021.

Sessions host SamSessions host Sam

Sam was raised on a farm in rural New Zealand and trained as an architect. He’s previously worked as a technical director in the film and advertising industry and now works at Shaper Tools as a product futurist. When not in the Shaper workshop, he can usually be found working in his home shop.

Shawn is the Product Lead for Origin. He came to Shaper via the worlds of movie magic and consumer electronics in 2017. His favorite thing is to use Origin to bring an idea to life in less than an hour.


I just want to give you guys HUGE KUDOS for the Shaper Sessions series and the amount of other videos available. They have been tremendously helpful to me as I learn to use my SO. Love this tool and I learn how to incorporate it into my design and work more and more each day. Thanks again!

Hud Peters

As a Shaper owner, I wanted to thank you for the Shaper Sessions—I have found them very useful and inspirational for how to use Origin.  I’m typically not able to watch them live, but have gone back and viewed almost all of them later on.

Adam Woodbury

Another interesting presentation form the Shaper team and their guest! These sessions are great for introducing new ideas to people like myself who would never have thought of this type of application. Thanks!

Peter Quinn

Need a Refresher on the Basics?

We’ve created some videos to help guide you through unboxing your Origin and making your first cuts.

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