Handheld precision routing. Work with unparalleled accuracy, flexibility and efficiency.

Approach your projects with ease.

Intuitive interface
Intuitive interface
On-Tool Design
On-Tool Design
Automatic Cut Correction
Automatic Cut Correction
Proven spindle design
Proven spindle design
Gary Banks image

Gary Banks



I’ve been really excited about this little project, using the shaper origin for these fretwork doors has been perfect. Even the process of transferring it from SketchUp to the actual machine took me no longer than 5 minutes. I will try and show a video soon of my process of doing it.

New collar goods image

New collar goods


This is a feature packed product that manages to keep user options simple and very clear. With only a bit of instruction, this is a tool that you can hand off to a new employee and with a very small learning curve, expect consistent and accurate results.

Marc Christensen image

Marc Christensen



Working in the shop with my new #ShaperOrigin. It’s soooooo freakin’ amazing - so cool! @shapertools #shapertools #woodworking #cncfurniture #cnc #cncrouter #cncwoodworking #diy #diywoodwork

Dennis Annotti image

Dennis Annotti



Used #shaperorigin to make a perfect negative template of the #shakersewingstand post to check final shape and dimensions. #shakermade #woodturning #lathe #shakerfurniture @shapertools

If my Shaper Origin got run over by a truck or something, I would immediately purchase a new one, and probably pay extra to have it delivered overnight. :)

RKS Woodworks image

RKS Woodworks



Making a Father’s Day gift with my awesome #shaperorigin. This doesn’t event begin to show the capabilities of this tool. #shapermade #valvolineoil #vintage

Reinhardt Restorations image

Reinhardt Restorations



Making parts with precision just got easier. #shapermade #woodworking #cumberlandfurnitureguild #nashvilleinteriordesign

Precise joinery

Origin and Workstation combine to deliver easy, precise and versatile joinery.

  • Cut tenons at any angle from 0 to 45 degrees

  • Virtually eliminate tear out

  • Easy adjustments, for tight fitting joints

  • Easy Box Joints

Work your way

Bring CNC to the job, not the other way around. Origin’s location tracking system lets you work anywhere at almost any scale. Tackle large inlay projects right on the jobsite.

  • Portable and easy to store with included Systainer

  • Work on almost any surface; just apply ShaperTape

  • Easy design on-the-fly with On-Tool CAD and Extensions

Easy & Intuitive

Tackle intricate details

Easily cut and engrave small or intricate designs with ease.

  • Consistent feed speeds with Auto Mode

  • Precise depth control with automatic tool tip detection

  • 1/8th inch Collet Available

Hardware installation made easy

Easily align and quickly cut perfect features for almost any piece of hardware

  • Precision alignment to existing parts with the Grid Tool

  • Templates for your favorite brands, available on ShaperHub

  • Cut holes up to 1.5” in diameter* in one pass with Helix Mode

Designing for Origin

Discover ShaperHub

Hundreds of projects, ready for you to make with Origin!

Need design assistance?

Design and fabrication consultancy services for Origin users

One of a kind projects
Elevating your furniture imageElevating your furniture image
Elevating your furniture

The Shaper Add-In for Fusion 360 let Neil Clemmons move easily back and forth between designing and cutting, making minor tweaks to his design and quickly creating a custom jig for tenon work.

Timeless Techniques imageTimeless Techniques image
Timeless Techniques

Bringing a mix of traditional sign painting with custom shapes, Michelle Nguyen was able to add a layer of dimension to projects that is difficult for smaller sign shops to accomplish.

Keeping the craft imageKeeping the craft image
Keeping the craft

SIOSI maintain their autonomy as craftspeople, making their inlay work “more precise and less risky,” without sacrificing their freedom to adapt to a particular project’s needs. “We’re not manufacturing. We’re trying to make one really special piece at a time.”

Combine with Existing Tools imageCombine with Existing Tools image
Combine with Existing Tools

Custom Zoetrope with 12 bird inlay animation frames immortalized in wood. Coby Unger uses a combination of wood turning & Origin here for infinite possibilities.

Modern Joinery imageModern Joinery image
Modern Joinery

Maximilian Messner used Origin to cut a triangular tabletop, intricately applying veneer to its surface and using Festool’s Conturo to finish the edge.

Find the rhythm imageFind the rhythm image
Find the rhythm

Alex Myla describes Origin as his "dream CNC." Origin allows him to create his guitars modularly, mixing and matching various elements without the hassle of a library of templates. “There are some parts of guitar making that I'd rather not spend my time doing,” he says. “Origin allows me to focus on the parts of the process that really bring me happiness.”

The right jig imageThe right jig image
The right jig

Slawek Krauze is always eager to explore creative production-driven techniques. He uses Origin to create a router fixture that enables him to carve a precise dish shape into a finished product.

Big projects with little space imageBig projects with little space image
Big projects with little space

When Chris Sullivan started building his 18-foot dory, he relied on a local makerspace for access to its gantry CNC machines. He prefers the intimacy that a hand tool like Origin affords him when constructing his passion project.

Unrivaled alignment, clamping and cuts. Everytime.

Technology you won’t notice.

Origin uses ShaperTape fiducial markers to digitally augment your Workspace and accurately track position while you are working. The system makes continuous real-time adjustments to keep your cuts precise.

  • 120 VAC (60HZ)

    Input Power

  • Brushed Motor Spindle

    Produced with Festool

  • 43 MM / 1.7 IN

    Z-Axis Max Depth

Experience handheld CNC for yourself!