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  • Two-Part Origin training course
  • Nine Premium Project Plans
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Discover Origin Applications for all your Projects

From joinery to hardware installation to prototyping and more, the Shaper System brings precision cutting to any operation.

Mortise and Tenon

Creating precise mortise and tenon joints is a breeze with Origin. Plus, you can adjust the fit on the fly in order to achieve that perfect fit.

Featuring: Shaper Origin, Shaper Workstation

Cam Clamps

Easily fabricate custom workholding and process solid wood, wood-based materials, or Plexiglas, like these custom cam clamps.

Featuring: Shaper Origin, Shaper Workstation

Designing Ornaments

Bring your ideas to life with Shaper Studio! Explore endless pre-made design files, blend shapes, and craft your unique decorations and ornaments. Files automatically sync to Origin.

Featuring: Shaper Origin, Shaper Studio

Instantly Send Measurements

Using the Connected Caliper, you can send precise measurements to Origin with a simple button press, and prevent unnecessary mistakes.

Featuring: Shaper Origin, Connected Caliper

Installing Door Hinges

With the Edge Mortising Adapter for Plate, installing door hinges is a reliable and repeatable process.

Featuring: Shaper Origin Shaper Plate + Edge Mortising Adapter

Intricate Joinery

Shaper Hub is the source for thousands of ready-to-cut designs. Get inspired and utilize these existing projects for intricate joinery with a flawless fit.

Featuring: Shaper Origin

Meet the Shaper System

Curious how it all works? Watch the videos below to see how Origin, Workstation, Plate, and Studio fit together.

Shaper Origin



Shaper Studio