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The Complete System. Easy setup, precise and intuitive cutting.

Upgrade Your Workshop

Bring digital precision to your workshop with next-generation power tools. Get to work quickly with unrivaled ease, accuracy and reliability.

How Origin Works

How Origin Works

location tracking + active motion control = precision freehand cutting

Origin locates itself in a workspace and makes continuous real-time adjustments while the user is cutting. The result is precision — wherever you need it.

Common Applications, Uncommon Performance

Common Applications, Uncommon Performance

Inlay & SignsHardware InstallationCustom Joinery

Complex cuts, anywhere

From a custom flooring installer’s expansive musical staff inlay to a luthier’s delicate fretboard, Origin is able to cut accurately at an unmatched range of scales.

Digital Files

Work directly from digital designs


Cut accurate inlays at the size of your choosing


Incrementally adjust offsets to an ideal fit

Precise pocketing for hardware

Use Origin as an all-in-one library for your hardware. With Origin’s precise registration of multiple-depth pockets and hole patterns, once-challenging projects are simplified.

Cloud Connectivity

WiFi-accessible hardware library

Pocket Templates

A single file contains all your cut geometry

On-Screen Depth Input

Move easily between multiple cut depths

Exact fitment, no templates required

Create your own fixtures. Cut perfectly mating mortise and tenons, regardless of the size, shape, or location of your stock.

Precise Alignment

Align and place hardware pockets in exact reference to stock dimensions

Flexible Workholding

Work “on end” of joinery elements

Adaptable On Tool

Use a single design for both mortise and tenon

Origin: Earning Its Keep on the Shop Floor

Origin: Earning Its Keep on the Shop Floor

Shaper Origin has been a game changer in my shop. What was difficult or impossible before is now easy, and, actually fun.
Josh Podoll

Chop Wood Co.

Getting the load off some of our bigger CNCs, getting rid of the time taken to go to the programmers.
Erik Fetzer

Fetzer Architectural Woodwork

I have incorporated Origin into production tasks on my furniture, increasing my speed and decreasing risk!
Justin Nelson

Fernweh Woodworking

Watch Origin Perform

Reduce risk when performing complex cuts in nearly completed projects

Get curves and details just right—no jigs necessary

Move easily from design to cut with the Shaper Add-In for Fusion 360

Awards and Industry Recognition

Top Tools and Products of 2020 imageTop Tools and Products of 2020 image
Top Tools and Products of 2020

The Popular Woodworking Magazine has named Shaper Origin + Workstation to its list of the best tools and products of 2020.

IWF Challengers Award - 2018 imageIWF Challengers Award - 2018 image
IWF Challengers Award - 2018

The distinction of the IWF Challengers Award is given to outstanding companies who develop innovative technology and advance the industry.

AWFS® Visionary Award - 2017 imageAWFS® Visionary Award - 2017 image
AWFS® Visionary Award - 2017

The AWFS® Visionary Awards recognize innovation and creativity, rigorously evaluating new products for their impact and industry leadership.

Designing for Origin

Designing for Origin

On-Tool DesignShaper AssistYour DesignsShaperHub

Never Leave Your Workbench

Use Origin to create designs wherever you work. Make adjustments on-site, on the fly, no computer required.

Cuttable Files On Demand

No time to design? No problem: send your sketch or half-finished design to our team at Shaper Assist, and for a reasonable fee, they will send you an Origin-ready design.

Export From Design Software

No tool programming or CAM file preparation is required; Origin creates tool paths live on-tool. Use a 2D design program like Adobe Illustrator or a 3D program like Fusion 360. Export files as SVGs and you’re ready to cut.

Store, Share, Collaborate

Explore ShaperHub’s continuously expanding library of downloadable designs and projects. Use ShaperHub to store your designs and share them with others.

The Future of Power Tools

The Future of Power Tools

Proven Spindle Design

Shaper SM1 variable speed, load-compensating spindle designed and manufactured to Shaper specifications by Festool

On-The-Fly Adjustment

Touchscreen enables on-screen design manipulation and easy input of cut parameters

Keep Cuts Clean

Dust collection port and included adaptor hose compatible with most portable dust collectors

Gets Better With Time

Easy file transfer and continuous software performance updates available via WiFi connectivity