The simplified design tool for craftspeople

- November 17th 2022

  • Place Separately -> Explode!

    “Place Separately” on Import is now replaced with the option to “Explode”. This breaks apart ALL paths in the imported file (SVG or DXF) into individual objects so they can be edited independently.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Increased snapping thresholds for better snapping performance.

  • Clicking outside Mode Menu now closes it.

  • Fix for getting stuck in “multi-select” mode sometimes when shift key is held down.

  • Stability improvements to sync system.

- October 24th 2022


  • Fixed SVG download issue on certain Studio designs

  • Fixes for sync system to prevent rare data loss, reliability with large updates and slow networks, and client clock errors

  • Fix for Android keyboard issue during input for text elements

- October 17th 2022


  • Fix for sync issues for some users with device clock not matching server clock

  • Fix for duplicate button text displaying wrong defaults

  • Fix issues when creating trials

- October 12th 2022


  • Fix for browser compatibility issue on iPad OS 15.6/7

- October 11th 2022