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March 20th 2024

New Fonts!
  • 3 custom single line fonts that are especially great for engravings with Origin.
  • 12 more fonts with support for non-latin character languages.
An improved font picker
  • The font picker now has filters to help you narrow down your search for a specific font style or type.
  • You can now preview your font choice before making your pick. On desktop, do it by hovering or using up/down arrow keys. On mobile, you can do this by pressing and holding on the font choice.
  • Fonts are now listed alphabetically so you can find the font you previously used more easily.
Fixes and Improvements
  • Better error reporting when (re)naming Studio designs.
  • Now double-click on a piece of text to edit.
  • Fix for panning when holding [space] + drag.
  • Rotation snaps to 45° increments when "smart alignment" is toggled on.

January 18th 2024

Set as Reference
  • With set-as-reference, you can now easily lock shapes on the canvas with the click of a button in the parameter panel.
  • Use this feature to more easily draw over your traces or reference designs and keep your working designs out of your cut files.

Objects set as “Reference” will be:

  • Locked (non-editable) and set to a yellow color.
  • Deprioritized from selections and excluded from lasso selections.
  • Will not be visible in Plan or Design modes and
  • Not included in the downloaded SVG or on Origin.

    Setting as Reference is not included in Studio Lite
  • Improved zoom performance on mobile and trackpad with changes to how touch gestures are handled in Studio.
  • Display angle on shape during a rotation action.

June 9th 2023

Custom Anchor support for Origin

You can now add a Custom (Origin) Anchor to your design at [0,0] and position all you work off of that to make positioning your designs on Origin easier than ever.

  • Mirror any object across the horizontal or vertical axis
  • Mirror will respect the active anchor on the object and keep that fixed while mirroring about the intended axis
Selection Manager
  • Introducing a new way to deal with those pesky selection tasks. Clean up your active selection directly in the selection manager.  
  • The selection manager separates your objects into individual elements that are easy to recognize and select.
Recenter and Zoom to selection
  • A new action on the canvas to quickly recenter your design when you lose your place in design 
  • When you have an object (or multiple) selected, this same button changes to “zoom to selection”, letting you quickly bring your selected path to focus.

  • On mobile, now multi-selection is the default. Just tap on unselected objects to add to your selection and tap on selected objects to deselect. Along with the selection manager, selection tasks on mobile have never been easier. 
  • Updates to hover styling in design and plan modes to make it clearer when you are trying to select or deselect objects.

March 13th 2023

Fixes and Improvements
  • Rotation math erroneous negative values and consecutive rotation values
  • Calculator fixes (including multiplication on Android)
  • Adding calculator functionality to grid size

March 7th 2023

Introducing in-line Calculations!
  • No more mental math required to enter fractional bit sizes (such as ¼,  ⅜, etc)! You can now do simple inline calculations right in any relevant numeric input boxes in Studio.  
  • Convert units (mm ← → in) or even evaluate multi-unit expressions like “1/2in + 0.5mm” right in-line.
Fixes and Improvements

Sync System improvements

  • Major improvements to the sync system to improve performance on slower and higher latency networks.
  • No more “view-only” messages when you have the same design open in multiple places simultaneously. You can instead choose to load the latest version or save the current version as a new design.  

Selection improvements 

  • Plan mode now has lasso select! Just like in Design mode you can now use a lasso to select multiple objects by holding [shift] + drag (on desktop) or tap + hold & drag (on mobile or desktop).
  • Studio now automatically orders the layers of objects on the canvas so the smallest shape is on top -- this improves the overall selection experience. 
  • On touch devices you now have to select the object (tap) before you can move it. This prevents unwanted move operations when panning the canvas on a phone or tablet. 

January 25th 2023

Introducing Duplicate Design

You can now duplicate a Studio design to create and save variations, branches or just saved moments in time of a particular design.

Fixes and Improvements
  • Fix to prevent browser UI from zooming when zooming Studio canvas.
  • Improvements to Zoom sensitivity so that the experience is more consistent across devices and browsers.
  • Search button in Find Art now works as expected.

November 17th 2022

Place Separately -> Explode!

“Place Separately” on Import is now replaced with the option to “Explode”. This breaks apart ALL paths in the imported file (SVG or DXF) into individual objects so they can be edited independently.

Fixes and Improvements
  • Increased snapping thresholds for better snapping performance
  • Clicking outside Mode Menu now closes it
  • Fix for getting stuck in “multi-select” mode sometimes when shift key is held down
  • Stability improvements to sync system

October 24th 2022

  • Fixed SVG download issue on certain Studio designs
  • Fixes for sync system to prevent rare data loss, reliability with large updates and slow networks, and client clock errors
  • Fix for Android keyboard issue during input for text elements

October 17th 2022

  • Fix for sync issues for some users with device clock not matching server clock
  • Fix for duplicate button text displaying wrong defaults
  • Fix issues when creating trials

October 12th 2022

  • Fix for browser compatibility issue on iPad OS 15.6/7

October 11th 2022

The official launch of Shaper Studio!

See for details on features