Keilverbinder Long Connector

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  • Makes an invisible connection leaving clean lines in your finished piece
  • Robust yet easy to disassemble
  • Greater stability over the Keilverbinder single connector 
  • For use with the Keilverbinder Dovetail Router Bit
  • 20 pieces per set


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Keilverbinder Long Connector - SJ1-S-KVLP2

Product Overview

Keilverbinder Connectors make it easy to add simple, strong connections between furniture elements. Ideal for both new furniture production and furniture remodeling, Keilverbinder connectors are invisible and easy to install and remount. Besides the Keilverbinder Dovetail Router Bit, no additional hardware or physical templates are needed to install and use Keilverbinder Connectors. Use these Long Connectors for added stability and strength over the Keilverbinder Single Connector. Cutting templates can be found on ShaperHub’s Hardware Catalog. 

  • Length: 41 mm

  • Width: 9 mm

  • Heigth: 7 mm

  • Geometry: 5 holes for screws with diameter 3mm, no centering mandrel, thus freely positionable

  • Material: Hard plastic

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use other dovetail bits to cut these channels?

No, Keilverbinder Connectors are designed specifically for use with the Keilverbinder dovetail bit

Do I need a physical template to install this hardware?

No, you can find a free digital template for this hardware in our Hardware Catalog

Frequently Asked Questions