4mm X 15mm Up-Spiral Flat Router Bit

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  • 15 mm cutting length provides extra reach with a small diameter bit
  • Stability during deep roughing passes and good cut finish on deep finishing passes
  • Designed for high feed rates with good cut quality in a wide range of materials


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4mm X 15mm Up-Spiral Flat Router Bit - SF1-8-4F2

Product Overview

The 4mm bit offers the ideal combination of a small cutter diameter and long cutter length, allowing you to make deep routing passes. The two-flute upcut geometry is suitable for a wide range of wood types, from MDF and plywood to all hardwoods. The solid carbide composition keeps the cutting edge sharp even after hours of use.

  • Overall Length: 80 mm

  • Shank Diameter: 8 mm

  • Cutter Diameter: 4 mm

  • Cutter Length: 15 mm

  • Usable Length: 30 mm

  • Geometry: Upcut, Spiral, 2 flute

  • Material: Solid Carbide

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this router bit compatible with Origin?

Yes, this bit's shank will fit in Origin's 8 mm collet.

What is the maximum cutting depth?

The 4mm X 15mm Up-Spiral Flat Bit can cut to a maximum depth of 30 mm.

How can I maintain my bits?

Resin, sap, and adhesives will build up on your cutter edge over time. This generates more friction on your cutter and accelerates edge degradation. Keep your cutters clean with a small brass brush, citrus cleaner and a rag.

Frequently Asked Questions