¼” X 1½” Up-Spiral O-flute Router Bit

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  • Ideal for deep cuts in non-ferrous metals and acrylic
  • Polished O-flute resists chip adhesion
  • Appropriate for a wide range of non-wood materials


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¼” X 1½” Up-Spiral O-flute Router Bit - SE1-2500-1500C

Product Overview

With a 1.5” cutter length, this bit gives you the freedom to make deep cuts in acrylics with accuracy and durability. The polished o-flute prevents nasty chip build-up that can compromise cut quality and decrease cutter longevity. Appropriate cutter geometry for both acrylics and non-ferrous metals. Great for cuts up to 1.5” in depth.

  • Overall Length: 3"

  • Shank Diameter: .25"

  • Cutting Diameter: .25"

  • Cutter Length: 1.5"

  • Geometry: Upcut, Spiral, O-Flute

  • Material: Solid Carbide

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this router bit compatible with Origin?

Yes, this bit will fit the ¼” collet that ships with Origin.

What is the best spindle speed, feed rate, and plunge rate for this router bit?

This depends on the material you are cutting. You can find more information on recommended settings for Origin based on material types in this article: material recommendations.

Will this bit leave tear-out on my material surface?

The up-spiral design pulls material up and out of your cuts. This can leave a little fuzz on the top edge of your material but this is easily removed with a quick rough-up with fine grit sandpaper. Adjacent spoilboards are always recommended when making cuts beyond the edge of your material to reduce tear-out.

What is the maximum cutting depth?

The ¼” X 1½” Up-Spiral O-flute Router Bit can cut to a maximum depth of 1.5".

How can I maintain my bits?

Resin, sap, and adhesives will build up on your cutter edge over time. This generates more friction on your cutter and accelerates edge degradation. Keep your cutters clean with a small brass brush, citrus cleaner and a rag.

Frequently Asked Questions