A two woman team who blur the lines between life, work, and art. SIOSI lean towards Scandinavian inspired design, but are known to color outside of the lines.

Furniture Design

Located in the woods outside of Bloomington, Indiana, Audi Culver and Ivy Siosi run a furniture design studio where they hand craft their own line of furniture along with custom orders. Rooted in Scandinavian design, with a heavy focus on the raw material, SIOSI turn out elegant and timeless furniture that is built to last for generations.

In this six part video series, SIOSI share their secrets for everything from design, material selection, turning, joinery, finishing, and more. Follow along as they add a new piece to their collection – a 32” round multi-tier shelving unit.

Lessons in this Masterclass

Lesson 01 |Furniture Design

Ivy and Audi walk us through their initial design processes, starting with getting a feeling for a space, through collaborative development and evolving into more more technical drawings.

Lesson 02 |How to Read a Slab

Learn how to maximize your usage of a whole slab and read the grain for each component of a build.

Lesson 03 |Lathe Basics: Turning Table Legs

This woodturning tutorial includes an explanation of grain selection, stock preparation, turning a taper, and using a story stick to reproduce a taper, working with both hefty 4 ½” legs and more delicate side table legs..

Lesson 04 |Table Mortise with Origin

The lower portion of the build features beefy mortise and tenon joinery. In this segment, Ivy walks through the process to dial in the fit with Origin, accommodating for the tiny discrepancies for each hand-turned leg.

Lesson 05 | Inlays and Engravings

Every SIOSI piece carries their maker’s mark and creation date. Here, Ivy demonstrates how she customizes the mark with Origin. The two also explain how they cut structural inlays to ‘stitch’ together a piece.

Lesson 06 |Glue Up

Audi and Ivy demonstrate their sanding and charring techniques, including how to plan for material expansion based on grain orientation, and how to plan a glue-up and anticipate potential pitfalls depending on the nature of a piece.

Lesson 07 |Finishing

In this final video of the series, Audi and Ivy demonstrate their techniques when breaking down edges, final sanding passes, preparing material to receive finish, and applying mineral spirits and their preferred finish: Osmo 3043 Clear Satin.

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Lessons in this Masterclass

01 | Furniture Design

02 | How to Read a Slab

03 | Lathe Basics: Turning Table Legs

04 | Table Mortise with Origin

05 | Inlays and Engravings

06 | Glue Up

07 | Finishing

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