Fine Woodworking Magazine Contributing Editor Roland Johnson shares decades of experience on hand planes, lumber selection, and more.

Handplanes & Woodworking Basics

In this three-part video series, Roland Johnson brings to life the pure joy of using handplanes, as well as practical tips like how to shop for, maintain and sharpen them.

You’ll also learn strategies for selecting lumber from your local yard. Then, to put it all together, Johnson takes you on an in-depth project build with accompanying plans for your own block plane gallery.

Lessons in this Masterclass

Lesson 01 |All About Handplanes

Everything from hand plane selection and maintenance to sharpening and proper technique.

Lesson 02 |Selecting Lumber

Learn why wood movement is so important to consider before you plan your next trip to the lumber yard. 

Lesson 03 |Building a Handplane Gallery

A step by step project to build your own handplane gallery. Plans included!

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Lessons in this Masterclass

01 | All About Handplanes

02 | Selecting Lumber

03 | Building a Handplane Gallery

Block Plane Gallery

A nice little gallery for your collection of block planes, with room for spare parts and oil. Now you'll just have to get a few more block planes and bull-nose rabbet planes to fill it out. We always need more tools!

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