Martin Winterhager is a carpenter based on Mallorca with a special passion for incorporating unique surface textures in his pieces. Over the years he has developed special techniques and fixtures to give his work its unique character. In this masterclass, Martin reveals these secrets and more.

Surface Design

"Surface is important because that's what the customer sees first - what the customer wants when they talk about their furniture."

In their joinery on Mallorca, Martin and Tina Winterhager and their team build individual furniture made of solid wood. Over time, they have developed their own signature, which runs through the designs of their furniture. The Winterhager band saw structure has become their trademark and is just one of four techniques that Martin will show in his master class.

Lessons in this Masterclass

Lesson 01 |Bandsaw Texture With Winterhager Bandsaw Jig

Learn from Martin how he uses his individual device to create the typical Winterhager band saw structure on his surfaces.

Lesson 02 |Ammonia Fuming

Martin explains how the technique of ammonia smoking came about and how you can use it for the surfaces of your work.

Lesson 03 |Carving Texture

Learn how Martin incorporates centuries-old surface treatment techniques into his work in a modern way.

Lesson 04 |Ebonizing Wood

Weathered look or a dark surface finish? Martin achieves both using common home remedies: He makes his own ebonizing mixture from vinegar and steel wool.

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Lessons in this Masterclass

01 | Bandsaw Texture With Winterhager Bandsaw Jig

02 | Ammonia Fuming

03 | Carved Texture

04 | Ebonizing Wood

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