Master Carpenter and restorer Johanna Röh demonstrates a variety of techniques for creating decorative inlay work.

Marquetry 101

Small accents turn a routine furniture project into a unique piece. Marquetry gives craftspeople the freedom to add decorative elements that also serve functional purposes. In this three-part series, Johanna demonstrates what to consider when designing a marquetry project, what different techniques you can use, and how to create inlay work with both thin and thicker veneers.

Lessons in this Masterclass

Lesson 01 |Designing Marquetry

Master Joiner Joanna Roe shares her global influences and how she brings marquetry to life in her custom furniture.

Lesson 02 |Marquetry Technique For Thin Veneers

From knife work to coping saws learn the traditional techniques to process thin veneers.

Lesson 03 |Marquetry Technique For Thick Veneers

Learn how tackling thick veneers with Origin, opens up a number of possibilities.

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Lessons in this Masterclass

01 | Designing Marquetry

02 | Marquetry Technique For Thin Veneers

03 | Marquetry Technique For Thick Veneers

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