A long time furnituremaker, educator, and author, Darrell Peart is best known for his Greene and Greene inspired furniture designs and mastery of jigs, fixtures and finishing techniques.

Art of Greene and Greene Furniture

"If you’re limiting yourself to the rules, you’re likely to turn out something kind of sterile. I like to work with my imagination.” Drawing heavily from Charles and Henry Greene’s designs of the early 20th century, Darrell Peart has mastered the art of this particular niche of American Arts and Crafts furniture by making it his own. As Darrell says, “if you really want to emulate Greene and Greene, innovate.”

In this class, Darrell shares his techniques and design files – new and old – to create and add iconic Greene and Greene designs to your pieces.

Lessons in this Masterclass

Lesson 01 |The History of Greene and Greene Furniture

Many Greene and Greene pieces draw from Asian motifs and early American Arts and Crafts furniture, but it wasn’t just the Greenes that adopted these styles.

Lesson 02 |Ebony Pegs

Learn how to shape, finish, and install this classic peg design, used all throughout Greene and Greene furniture.

Lesson 03 |Ebony Spline

The splines in Greene and Greene furniture weren’t actually functional. But they add character to any table. Create your own using Darrell’s spline jig.

Lesson 04 |Cloud Lifts

Using a series of router jigs, Darrell adds this Asian-inspired feature in many of his pieces. Learn to cut cloud lifts and soften edges with a specialized hand sanding technique.

Lesson 05 |Ribbon Pull and Hand Shaping

This ribbon pull is filled with subtle features. It is machined on three faces using Origin and then shaped using rasps and hand sanding.

Lesson 06 |Tsuba Inlay

Using Shaper Plate and Workstation, Darrell shows how to cut this Tsuba inlay, commonly used as a cable passthrough.

Lesson 07 |Finishing

The classic Greene and Greene finish recipe is unfortunately rather toxic. In this final segment, Darrell shares his process to achieve a low VOC version of their recipe.

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Lessons in this Masterclass

01 | History of Greene and Greene Furniture

02 | Ebony Pegs

03 | Ebony Splines

04 | Cloud Lifts

05 | Ribbon Pull and Hand Shaping

06 | Tsuba Inlay

07 | Finishing

Greene and Greene Cookbook

A collection of design files, templates and jigs to bring to life a half dozen features in your own furniture. All free.

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