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Kirby Cove Has Landed!

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Introducing Kirby Cove: The Latest Update for Shaper Origin

Our 11th Free System Update is here!

Kirby Cove introduces several exciting new features and enhancements that will improve your experience on Origin.

Connected Caliper

With the release of Kirby Cove, Origin can now talk directly to our Connected Caliper. Send precise measurements to Origin and other Bluetooth® devices with the push of a button. Upgrade your shop and buy our new Connected Caliper here.

Slot Tool: Crafting slot shapes for elements like mortises and dados, is now simpler than ever. Create these common joinery elements directly on your Origin. The slot tool automatically calculates and creates the radius of your slot as you set the width and height.

Polygon Tool: Unleash your creativity with the ability to create regular or irregular polygons with up to 20 sides, directly on your tool.

Delete All Workspaces: A much-requested feature, you can now manage old workspaces and delete all your workspaces with a single click. This feature is perfect for those looking to start fresh and clean up their workspace list.

The Only Power Tool that Gets Better with Age

As with all of our System Updates, Kirby Cove is free and aims to make your Shaper Origin the only power tool that gets better with age. Kirby Cove is available to all Origin models, including Origin Gen1 and Gen2.  

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