Key Applications in Flooring:

Bring CNC Precision to the Jobsite

Dutchman Patch Repair
Patch Repair Made Simple

Precisely repairing damage in a hardwood floor can be a time-consuming job. Origin offers the speed and portability of a traditional router with the precision of a CNC machine–no need for router templates. Simply scan your section of floor, align your custom plug shape, and cut. By taking advantage of Origin's Offset feature, you can creep up to a perfect fit every time. 

Benefits of using Origin:

Cut negative and positive components of a Dutchman Patch, on-site

Use offsets to adjust your patch for the perfect fit

Customize patch shapes to suit any job

Custom Inlays
Bring your Flooring Masterpiece to Life

From medallions and compasses to borders and aprons, every custom flooring job has its unique challenges. With Origin, you can bring your masterpiece to life with less hassle by bringing CNC precision directly to the jobsite. Cut both the positive and the negative features of your inlay project with a single file and use Origin’s Offset feature to guarantee precision fitment in all your inlay projects.

Benefits of using Origin

Impress your customers and produce inlays at almost any scale

Achieve tight-fitting, seamless work

Import SVG designs from your favorite graphic design software

Save time by bringing CNC precision directly to the jobsite

Case study
"Biblioteca" masterpiece from Johannes Müller"Biblioteca" masterpiece from Johannes Müller
Case Study: Fine Furniture
The "Biblioteca" masterpiece has turned out beautifully but required a tool that handles complex cuts with ease.

Johannes Müller was able to cut his filigreed masterpiece with the highest precision thanks to Origin.

Custom Vents
Complete your Flooring Project with Custom Vents

When working on a custom flooring project, every detail counts. With Origin, you can fabricate vents from almost any material to complement the aesthetic of any flooring project. Easily produce more ornate air-flow patterns for your vents. You can even match the ceiling or wall return vent designs with the flooring vents. And best of all, you'll always achieve a perfect fit between the vent and floor.    

Benefits of using Origin:

Complete the job on-site

Create custom vent patterns

Achieve a perfect fit

Match the vent design to the overall project

Hardware Installation
Achieve Perfect Flush Mount Hardware Installation

Recessing an outlet or other hardware into your floor can be time-consuming. With Origin, you can quickly and easily design the necessary shape for such hardware on-tool and cut the pocket with reliable precision. Set your business apart with seamless flush mount hardware, using Origin to achieve the perfect fit every time.  

Benefits of using Origin:

Expand the services you can offer your clients

Achieve a perfect flush mount fit when installing hardware

Save time and minimize mistakes by using CNC precision on the jobsite

Shaper OriginShaper Origin

Work holding perfected. Quickly align, reliably clamp and get cutting. 

Shaper OriginShaper Origin

Handheld precision routing. Work with unparalleled accuracy, flexibility and efficiency.

Shaper support: MirjaShaper support: AndreasShaper support: Sonja

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