Front of Origin
Side of Origin
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Touch screen
Capacitive multi-touch full-color LCD

220-240 V~, 50 Hz/60 Hz
Input Power
Dust extraction port
Designed for the SM-1 spindle

Fits most standard 27 mm & 36 mm suction hoses (e.g. Festool, Fein). Includes adaptor hose.

WiFi & USB

Over the air software updates

Transferring of design files via ShaperHub

USB port allows easy offline transfer of design files

Brushed Motor Spindle

720 Watt (AC), 10,000 - 26,000 RPM with load-compensating speed control.

Soft-start, over-temperature and over-load safety cut-offs

Produced with Festool to Shaper specifications
8 mm Collet
Ships Installed

Accepts any commonly available

8 mm shank router bits

⅛” (3,175 mm) Collet sold separately
43 mm / 1.7 in

Digitally adjustable depth-of-cut

Automated touch-off sensor

6.6 kgWeight
35 cmHeight
29.9 cmDepth
19.7 cmWidth