Meet Gary Banks

Gary Banks is carpenter and owner of Bank's Carpenty in London. In addition to his passion for his craft, he is enthusiastic about digital tools, software and design. Origin allows him to respond to the individual wishes of his customers and complete even large projects with minimal effort but maximum precision.

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Creative possibilities on board imageCreative possibilities on board image

Fine Woodworking

Creative possibilities on board

Thanks to  Origin, Romain manages the balancing act between fast, mobile manufacturing and individual one-off pieces in his day-to-day work, using an exciting mix of digital technology and traditional craftsmanship.

Meet Johannes Müller imageMeet Johannes Müller image

Shop Notes

Meet Johannes Müller

25-year-old master carpenter Johannes Müller is currently completing his final project as an interior and object designer at the Professional Academy in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany. He transforms his ideas into beautiful, functional furniture thanks to Origin's flexibility and digital precision.

Meet Christoph Noe imageMeet Christoph Noe image

Shop Notes

Meet Christoph Noe

Christoph Noe is a designer, amateur musician and passionate guitar builder. In his Munich-based shop On Guitars, he builds custom electric guitars and basses according to his customers' needs. With Origin, he brings craftsmanship and digital precision into perfect harmony.

Origin brightens up carpenter start-up imageOrigin brightens up carpenter start-up image

Shop Notes

Origin brightens up carpenter start-up

It is the mixture of tradition and modernity combined with a friendly young team that makes the joinery so special. Here, digital understanding meets sustainable manufacturing.

Quick Guide to Wood Joinery imageQuick Guide to Wood Joinery image

Fine Woodworking

Quick Guide to Wood Joinery

The world of woodworking joinery can be overwhelming, with joints that range from simple to complex, traditional to novel. From fast and easy dowel joints to strong and beautiful dovetails, this post has all the information you need to choose the right joint for your next project.

Meet Philip Morley imageMeet Philip Morley image

Shop Notes

Meet Philip Morley

Philip Morley builds custom furniture in Wimberley, Texas. He regularly uses Origin in his shop for templates, fixtures, and short production runs of custom furniture.

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