Fine Woodworking

Creative possibilities on board

Romain Gadant has worked in many different places around the world. In addition to the cultural experience he gained there, the environment also advanced his technical understanding around tools, software and modern manufacturing processes. Thus, the trained carpenter simultaneously developed into a creative maker with a high demand for quality and sustainability.

With his company "Atelier Monson" he has specialized in the design, manufacture and realization of wooden furniture. Thanks to Origin, he manages the balancing act between fast, mobile manufacturing and individual one-off pieces in his day-to-day work, using an exciting mix of digital technology and traditional craftsmanship.

Romain started his professional career with a classical apprenticeship. But as soon as he graduated as a carpenter and wood turner, he felt the urge for more: "I wanted to experience something," Romain says. "That's why I participated in a program called "Les Compagnons du Devoir" and did a little "Tour de France." After that, I worked in some carpentry shops." However, this only marks the beginning of his journey that would take him to the other side of the world.

The different impressions, cultures and ways of life he experienced along the way have left a lasting mark on his understanding and design language. "I made a conscious decision to make unique and individual furniture - something no one else does." And many of these challenges he overcomes thanks to Origin. A tool that allows him to always implement new projects and thus stand out from other companies; a tool that he can use flexibly in his daily work; a tool with which he achieves highly precise results.

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"When working with the Origin, I'm still very close to the workpiece and can live out my craft."

The origin of passion

"I specialized entirely in interior design," Romain says, recalling the time he started his own business in Paris. "Even then, I was making interiors like bookcases and furniture and kitchen cabinets." And even then, he had a desire for individual and unusual design options. Romain discovered his passion for wood and craftsmanship in early childhood. "I come from the Jura Mountains, an area that is historically very focused on woodworking. Maybe," he reflects, "that's where my passion originated."

It is the fascination of the material, the liveliness, the experience with all the senses. Something Romain continues to experience up close when working with Origin. "I remain very close to the workpiece and can live out my craft. I can feel and smell the wood...."

Next stop: Taiwan. 

Completely new experiences awaited Romain the following years he spent in Taiwan. The dynamic and very technical scene offered him a previously unknown view of the possibilities in his craft. "I then worked a lot in the makerspace scene and taught woodworking classes. There, one was incredibly familiar with all sorts of things like laser technology, CNC and 3D printing." Something that came in handy in his later work with Origin.

With these new skills, Romain developed his own product brand of wooden cups, wooden lamps, decorations and custom one-of-a-kind pieces. Atelier Monson was born. A modern brand that emphasizes ecological and sustainable production and carries a woodpecker from the Jura Mountains as its logo.

With new impressions in his luggage, Romain returned to his home country, back to France where he founded his own carpentry business named Atelier Monson. He had already heard of Origin at that time, but he had to wait until the official EU market launch to be able to use the tool for his work. "I immediately knew the potential and had a picture in my mind of how I could use it for my work. This combination of modern CNC technology and a hand-held woodworking tool. I bought it outright." A small investment when you consider how much Origin simplifies his work routine today. 

As a contrast to Paris, he now has his workshop in a village in the French Alps. "I had to re-network and rebuild everything first." As a one-man operation, he relies on tools that he can use quickly and flexibly for a wide range of tasks. Romain makes it a point to keep much of his workshop mobile to be flexible for his customers. "The idea is that I can take my workshop anywhere. And that's also the idea behind Origin."

Safely stowed in the Systainer, Romain always uses such high-precision cutting technology exactly where he needs it. That gives him an advantage when it comes to working with other companies or architects, as well as kitchen designers. "Origin is almost like a Swiss Army knife for carpenters," Romain enthuses. During his assignments on the construction site, colleagues and customers alike are always amazed and enthusiastic about what "this little machine" can do.

"I've also had an apprentice who experimented and tried out quite a bit with Origin," Romain says. "That's the great thing about the tool: it's so intuitive to use that you can get perfect results in a short time. As with all new tools in the shop, you have to get a little familiar at first, but then it's really easy."

Precisely recessing hardware such as door hinges and pot hinges or drawer runners is a very important point for Romain to make his furniture efficiently.

I design my furniture using CAD software on the PC anyway. It's easy to transfer the data I've already created for fittings or drill holes and so on to Origin. I can then place them digitally on my workpiece without having to manually transfer them by hand. Then all I have to do is turn Origin on and in a few minutes the job is done." Less effort here means not only a big time savings, but also fewer potential sources of error. This is an important aspect for a company that is always offering its customers new and customized options. "My philosophy, my work style, is to never do the same project twice - I like to take on new, challenges. Origin has allowed me to tackle even larger projects and complete them successfully."

Returning to the roots

For the future, Romain has a clear goal in mind: to expand his workshop while reducing his offering to the essentials - back to basics. "My desire is to make large solid wood tables, chairs, stools and custom furniture to customer specifications. I'm very good with a lathe and would also like to make large vases, design and decorative pieces." Work where he also has the freedom to return to the artistic and creative side of things with Origin.

Romain is working to build his customer base to sell beautiful products and projects. "This is a branch where you have to make your mark. But the Alpine space is dynamic, you just have to find the right network and make yourself known." He has definitely already found the right tool with Origin.