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AutoPass for Origin

Complete Projects in Record Time

AutoPass can automatically configure your cut depth and automatically ramp into each pass, saving you time and preventing mistakes along the way.

Before Cutting

AutoPass automatically calculates your pass depths based on the bit diameter installed. You can also tune these settings for your project.

Cut Automation

Origin will ramp into each pass automatically, no more manually configuring each pass.

Perfect Finish

Include a finish pass at your final depth for a perfect finish. When you reach your final depth, Origin automatically retracts.

Free Trial Available

Interested in trying AutoPass? Make sure your Origin is updated to the latest software, then follow the green icon in the settings menu to launch your 14 day free trial.

How to Update Your Origin

Upgrade your Origin with AutoPass

One-time Purchase, Lifetime Access

  • Automate cut passes
  • Automate finish passes
  • Ramp into each pass
  • Automatically read encoded depths
  • Fully customizable for each project
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Jenner is our next free system update on Origin. Roughly once a year, we update the core software on Origin, which includes refinements to the tool's performance, usability, and its core suite of features. AutoPass is an optional paid Extension, which will be released as part of the Jenner free system update.

AutoPass is compatible with every Origin.

The core features of Origin are free to use, and don’t require a subscription or any other payment. Extensions like AutoPass are designed to further increase speed and productivity on Origin. You don’t need to pay for any of Origin’s core features, or its regular free system updates such as Jenner.

You'll need to first update your tool to the Jenner free system update in order to activate AutoPass.

Once you purchase a license for AutoPass through our site, you'll be given a unique activation code to enter on Origin. This activation code will be tied to your tool rather than your account. Should you need to transfer this activation code to a new tool, please contact support.