90° Engraving Router Bit

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  • 90° geometry can be used on profiles to make invisible miters
  • Double flutes stay sharp longer
  • Shallower point increases bit durability
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90° Engraving Router Bit - SE1-2500-V90E

Product Overview

The 90° Engraving Bit adds versatility to your engraving projects when combined with the stock 60° engraving bit that ships with Origin. In addition to engraving in a wide variety of materials including hardwoods, acrylics, and non-ferrous metals, you can use the V90 bit to chamfer edges for perfect 90° miters.

Overall Length: 1.5"

Shank Diameter: .25"

Cutter Angle: 90°

Cutter Length: .125"

Geometry: V-bit, Engraving

Material: Solid Carbide

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The ⅛” polished O-flute bit is a great go-to bit for making shallow cuts in a wide variety of acrylics and non-ferrous metals. The polished flute prevents nasty chip build-up that can compromise cut quality and decrease cutter longevity, and the shorter profile contributes to overall durability. Great for cuts up to ¼” in depth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, this bit will fit the ¼” collet that is supplied with Origin.

Engraving bits are designed to cut at very shallow depths (~0.02”). Although you can make multiple passes with a V-cut bit, bear in mind that your cut will widen as you cut deeper due to the bit's geometry.

The engraving bit will leave a very smooth surface finish which will be free of tear-out.

This depends on the material you are cutting. We always recommend that you cut with Auto Mode when engraving. You can find more information on recommended settings for Origin based on material types in this article: material recommendations.

Resin, sap, and adhesives will build up on your cutter edge over time. This generates more friction on your cutter and accelerates edge degradation. Keep your bits clean with a small brass brush, citrus cleaner and a rag.