Multiplex Desk Organizer

Created By thomasmueller | March 13th, 2019

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I created a design for an Multiplex organizer in Illustrator. Have Fun. More Information in this clip:

1 hr 30 min




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1 x Multiplex Board (12mm x 850x300mm) 3 x SPAX screw 3x40mm Sandpaper 80/240 Ponal Woodglue Wood Wax oder Oil for finish Alternative Pre-Catalyst Lacquer (Schnellschleifgrund)
- Shaper Origin - Power Drill - Screwdriver - Sander or sanding block - conical countersink - 2mm drill bit - 1/8“ Router Bit - 1/4“ Router Bit (Alternative Bosch Professional, Nutfräser 8 mm, D1 18 mm, L 25 mm, G 56 mm for better handling with pockets)
- Prepare a spoilboard on your workingtable, apply the shapertape - Fix the Multiplex board on the table. - SHAPERTIME! Place design in your workspace and cutout - Cutout all four parts - Glue all parts together and fix it with clamps, dont forget the bottom plate pockets are downwards - Go to the Pilot hole and drill the holes (52mm) - Sand the block - Oil or wax it More Information in this clip:

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