Congrats sign for occasion flower pot

Created By codexmas | March 11th, 2019

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A nice and simple flower arrangement sign for a new baby or other occasion.

30 min




38 kB

1/8" acrylic
Shaper Origin
Cut in two phases: Engraving at 0.2" 15 IPM feed, 10 IPM plunge. Cutter used was the included engraving bit from Shaper. Cut at 10 IPM feed, 2.5 IPM plunge. Cutter used was an Amana upcut single flute Two passes may be needed with other cutters. You can avoid needing double sided tape by making several plunge cuts before starting the full cut step, see the second photo. Start the full cut at one of these tab sections, retracting when you reach the next one and continue again over the tab. Once you are all done, go back and 'auto' cut the tabs. Make sure to make the tabs no larger than 1/8".

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