Generic T style Guitar

By Zoy | Created May 2nd, 2019 | Published May 2nd, 2019

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This is a classic T style guitar that probably has thousands of videos on Youtube showing how to build it. I used a neck made by Warmoth so this will focus on building the guitar body itself.

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Body Blank 1.75" x 14" x 22" Neck 25.5" scale length neck mounting plate Tuners that fit the neck pickups & electronics bridge (holes setup for Gotoh Modern T bridge) control plate & knobs pickguard Jack plate string ferrules (optional depends on bridge) ...and screws to mount everything.
Shaper Origin Bandsaw Drill Press Drill Router Router Table Sander
Although this is the one of easiest guitars to build the steps involved are numerous. I have included a guide PDF for the depths of all pockets and the drill paths connecting them. Lets have a conversation in the Community about all the steps and i'll upload some pictures of my process. If you want to build this you should have all the parts needed to built it prior to starting.

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