Plate & Workstation

Watch these videos to learn how to get started

19 Min |Shaper Plate: Setting up Plate

Thanks to Origin’s saved Workspaces, you only need to Scan and Grid once when cutting with Plate.

9 Min |Shaper Plate: Gridding and Indexing Options

Use Plate's Flags and Reticle to align to a variety of edge locations on your workpiece.

19 Min |Shaper Plate: Applications

In this video, we've collected a variety of example applications of Plate + Origin.

4 Min |Shaper Plate: Customizing Plate

Use Plate's Accessory Rail to customize your Plate for a huge variety of custom operations.

6 Min |Shaper Plate: Tips and Tricks

Learn helpful tricks when setting up Plate, using and reusing reference Scans, Gridding and fixturing.

1:30 Min |Shaper Plate: Care and Maintenance

Just like with any template, keeping your Plate clean and cared for prolongs its life and keeps it precise and reliable.

9 Min |Shaper Workstation: Overview

Full walkthrough of Workstation's components

18 Min |Shaper Workstation: Tutorial

Learn how Workstation can expand your shop's capabilities