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You just got your Shaper Origin? Looking to brush up on some best practices?
We’ve got you covered from unboxing to design software.

Getting Started With Origin

Start here if you’ve just purchased Origin or are a new user. This series will help you unbox Shaper Origin and make your first cuts.

6 Min |Lesson 1: Unboxing

Your Shaper Origin has arrived!  Watch this video to get a quick overview of what you will find inside your Systainer.

2 Min |Lesson 2: Tool Setup and Account creation

First things first: Create your account and log into your Origin

4 Min |Lesson 3: Creating a Workspace

Every project starts with a Workspace. Let’s create your first one.

4 Min |Lesson 4: The Design Menu

Origin is packed with powerful design tools, directly onboard.

Quick Tips

Dive deeper once you’ve covered the basics.

20 Min |Grid

Create a grid whenever you start a new Workspace

6 Min |Workspaces

Workspaces are a fundamental building block of any project.

1 Min |Perfect Box Joints with Origin

Box Joint Basic is a free extension on Origin to create box joints

2 Min |Pocketing Procedure

In this video, Sam explains pocketing with Origin.

Design for Origin

From on-tool design to Shaper Studio and more

28 Min |On Tool Design: Box Joints

Box Joint Basic lets users input their joint parameters and creates cut files on the fly—no computers or physical templates required!

50 Min |On Tool Design: Text

In this Shaper Session we are going through all things text for Origin.

2 Min |On Tool Design: Shapes - Dogbone

In this video, Sam demonstrates the how to create dogbones on tool.

25 Min |Shaper Studio: Getting Started

In this video we will cover the basics of how to use Shaper Studio

Plate & Workstation

Learn all about Plate and Workstation

2 Min |Shaper Plate: Introduction

Shaper Plate is the universal template for Origin, designed to install a wide range of hardware, route System 32 holes and much more.

19 Min |Shaper Plate: Setting up Plate

Thanks to Origin’s saved Workspaces, you only need to Scan and Grid once when cutting with Plate.

9 Min |Shaper Workstation: Overview

Full walkthrough of Workstation's components

18 Min |Shaper Workstation: Tutorial

Learn how Workstation can expand your shop's capabilities

Shaper Accessories

1 Min |Applying the Shaper Origin Screen Cover

We'll show you how to install the protective screen cover on your Origin.

27 Min |Connected Caliper Walkthrough

Learn how to use the Connected Caliper with Origin

27 Min |Tips & Tricks for Cutting Foam Inserts

Best practices for cutting custom foam inserts for your limited edition Shaper Customizable Systainer.

70 Min |Specialty Bits

How to use our Specialty Bits

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