Shaper Trace + Case

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  • Converts drawings to Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)
  • Compatible with laser cutters, vinyl cutters, CNC, and more
  • App included, no subscription required
  • Custom case for safe keeping
Ships in 2-5 business days

If you're purchasing other items along with the Trace Kit, your other items will ship separately from the Trace Kit.

Shaper Trace + Case - SX1-AA

Product Overview

Trace provides a simple way to turn a hand-drawn sketch into vector graphics that are cut-ready and compatible with digital fabrication tools like laser cutters, vinyl cutters, and CNC machines such as Shaper Origin.

With the Trace Case, you can keep your Trace Frame, an A4 sketchpad, and Artist Pen in one safe place.

Draw. Capture. Make

  • Place the Trace Frame over your drawing 
  • Capture using the Trace App on your phone
  • Export the SVG for use with your favorite fabrication tool or graphic design program

Trace Case

Keep your Trace Frame, sketchpad, and Artist Pen in one safe place. Fits A4 Sketchbook.

Frequently Asked Questions

No! Trace is a one-time purchase. The kit includes the Trace Frame, an artist pen that we selected, and access to the Trace Application. There's no monthly or recurring charged needed.

The Trace Frame is 338mm X 248mm with a usable capture area inside the frame measuring 263mm X 173mm.

You can use Trace with any Apple or Android device with a rear-facing camera and access the app from any modern web browser.

Yes. Included with each Trace kit is a one-time activation code to access the Trace application with your Shaper account. Once activated, you’ll have unlimited access, no additional subscription required.

No. The Trace activation code included with each Trace kit is valid for only one account. You can, however log in to the same account across multiple devices to use with a shared Trace Frame.

Go to to launch the Trace application. If it's your first visit, you'll be prompted to either log in or create an account.

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