⅛” Collet With Nut (3,175 mm)

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  • Compatible with Shaper SM1 Spindle
  • Accepts speciality bits with ⅛” shanks
  • Great for fine engraving and inlay work


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⅛” Collet With Nut (3,175 mm) - SC1-1250

Product Overview

The ⅛” collet is a must-have accessory for anyone who is planning to use Origin on fine detail and finish work. This collet gives you access to the huge variety of ⅛” shank specialty cutters that are available for intricate work. Don’t compromise on cut quality and reliability with after-market sleeves and adaptors—get a collet that is designed for the job and designed for use with Origin!

  • Accepts cutters with 1/8" shanks

  • Compatible with Origin's SM1 spindle

  • Made from High Quality Steel

Warning: Attention California residents www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

Increase the Intricacy of your Projects

The ⅛” collet allows you to use Origin with a variety of specialty bits, allowing you to increase the variety and intricacy of your projects and work in a wider variety of materials. Create detailed engravings, inlays, and fine-detail work with specialty bits. Take your engraving capabilities further with access to a wider variety of fine-tip v-bits. Many Dremel router bits are supplied with ⅛” shanks so you’ll have no issue finding all manner of speciality bits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need special tools to install the ⅛” Collet on Origin’s SM1 spindle?

No, you can use the tool change accessories that are supplied with Origin to install the ⅛” collet.

Where can I buy speciality router bits with ⅛” shanks?

⅛” shank router bits are widely available. Many Dremel router bits are supplied with ⅛” shanks, so you’ll have no issue finding bits. You can also find ⅛” shank bits in the Shaper Accessory Store.

How can I maintain my collet?

Material build-up inside a collet reduces the clamping effectiveness of the collet. This can result in a misaligned cutter, introducing runout in your cuts. Be sure to regularly inspect and clean the collet.

Can I use a reduction sleeve or other collet adapter?

We don’t suggest using collet adapters to accommodate off-size cutters with Origin. This ⅛” collet is specifically designed for use with Origin’s SM-1 spindle.

Frequently Asked Questions