Key Applications in Fine Furniture:

Bringing Digital Precision to the Craft of Woodworking

Hardware InstallationHardware Installation
Hardware Installation
Download tested digital templates from your favorite manufacturers and cut accurate pockets with ease.

Origin makes hardware installation a simple and repeatable process. Download the template from ShaperHub, cut the pocket, and install the hardware with confidence. By using the built-in alignment system you’ll be able to position your work with a high level of accuracy. And with Orgin’s precision Offset feature, you can get the perfect fit, every time. 

Benefits of using Origin:

Custom templates can be stored digitally on ShaperHub

Choose from a collection of proven hardware templates from Soss, Brusso, Blum, Salice, and more.

Make on-the-fly adjustments with built-in Offset feature.

Precision alignment with the Grid Tool

Custom JoineryCustom Joinery
Custom Joinery
With Origin + Workstation together, you can tackle even the most difficult projects with ease and accuracy.

Strong, tight-fitting joinery is at the heart of fine woodworking. With Origin, a wide variety of precise joinery can be achieved with ease. From a basic mortise-and-tenon to a highly complex double dovetail, Origin + Workstation makes the process streamlined and reliable.

Benefits of using Origin + Workstation:

Fast and reliable 90° registration every time

Cut tenons at any angle from 0° to 45° with confidence

Create perfect box joints with easy on-board design tools

Flexible options to secure your custom fixtures to the Clamping Face

Case study
"Biblioteca" masterpiece from Johannes Müller"Biblioteca" masterpiece from Johannes Müller
Case Study: Fine Furniture
The "Biblioteca" masterpiece has turned out beautifully but required a tool that handles complex cuts with ease.

Johannes Müller was able to cut his filigreed masterpiece with the highest precision thanks to Origin.

Quick Precise TemplatesQuick Precise Templates
Precise Templates & Fixtures
With Origin, you can quickly create templates to speed up production.

A well-made template can significantly improve productivity in your shop. Accuracy, repeatability and ease of use ultimately determine the true value of a template. With Origin, you can quickly and easily create templates of any level of complexity and detail and take it one step further by adding handles, hold-down clamps, and accurate alignment features.  

Benefits of using Origin:

Speed up your production with precise templates and fixtures

Download a variety of templates and fixtures for professionals from ShaperHub

Tap into completely new possibilities when building templates

Store digital templates for future use on ShaperHub

Inlays and CustomizationInlays and Customization
Inlays and Customization
With Origin, you can bring CNC to the job, not the other way around. Work anywhere, at virtually any scale.

Whether you’re creating a custom flooring inlay or doing on-site repair, having the right tools at your disposal is key. With Origin, you can bring CNC precision directly to the jobsite. Match the woodgrain and make a dutchman patch disappear. Or take advantage of Origin’s Offset feature to sneak up on the perfect fit for your inlaid masterpiece. 

Benefits of using Origin:

Create and adjust simple cutouts using Origin's on-board design tools, no computer required

Bring CNC precision to the jobsite

Safe storage and easy transportation in a SYS 5 Systainer®

Shaper OriginShaper Origin

Work holding perfected. Quickly align, reliably clamp and get cutting. 

Shaper OriginShaper Origin

Handheld precision routing. Work with unparalleled accuracy, flexibility and efficiency.

Shaper support: MirjaShaper support: AndreasShaper support: Sonja

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