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Shaper In Residence: Hannah Quinn

Hannah Beatrice Quinn is a Santa Fe-based artist and an early Origin user whose feedback has been instrumental in making the tool what it is today.

Hannah is drawn to furniture building and home goods because they give her the freedom to work with a wide variety of materials and form factors. 

Freedom and adaptability is evident in all of Hannah’s work, which celebrates playfulness in design and execution. “I enjoy building things that are beautiful and functional,” she says. 

This combination of accessibility and utility naturally drew her to working with Shaper Origin while producing a recent series of walnut and steel tables. Because each leg, bracket, and tabletop location is unique, Hannah used Origin to route out the mortise for each individual leg bracket, with custom profiles and depths to inset each leg bracket.

“Once I started using Origin,” she says, “It really turned me on to similar pieces where I control a couple variables, but each finished product is unique.”
Hannah Quinn
Furniture Designer

You can see more of Hannah’s work at recent exhibits at the San Francisco Museum of Craft and Design and the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts and on her website.

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