Three New Resources

October 27th, 2017

To help you get the most out of your new Origin

Today, the first Origins off the assembly line will have begun arriving in shops, garages and studios across the country. You’ve heard a lot about Origin and what to expect when your tool arrives. Now, users can also access three new resources to help you get the most out of your tool: ShaperHub, Shaper Tutorials, and Shaper’s Help Center.

ShaperHub is an online tool that Origin owners can use to find designs and inspiration for their next project. Here, you can download ready-to-cut designs--either via a USB drive or directly through Wifi--and upload your own designs through ShaperHub and onto your Origin. We plan to grow ShaperHub into a massive trove of thousands of easily searchable designs, created by Shaper employees and Origin users alike. For now, pre-order customers can get a glimpse into ShaperHub as we begin to populate it with designs. Get your feet wet with a beginner design like one of these cutting boards. or leap into a weekend project with this backyard chair. Once you’re feeling confident, you can test your Origin chops with the highly requested vertical workstation. We are launching with a limited quantity of designs, but bookmark the page and keep checking back in as we continue to upload new designs to the site. In the future, we look forward to adding user-generated designs so that you can show the rest of the Shaper community your latest masterpiece. In the meantime, we invite pre-order customers to let us know what designs they would like to see featured in ShaperHub.

In addition to ShaperHub, we’re also going live with a new Tutorials section of our website. This is a good place to get yourself familiar with Origin. Sam will introduce you to everything you need to know to get started. Once you’re oriented, you can browse the videos for advanced tips and tricks on Origin or acquaint yourself with software like Fusion 360 and Adobe Illustrator so you can learn to create your own SVGs to upload to Origin.

Finally, check in with our new Support section. In addition to our always-expanding FAQs, we have an easily searchable collection of Help topics to help you get acquainted with Origin’s basic functionality and tools.

We’ve designed these resources to accompany you throughout your ownership of Origin--from that first unpacking to your most intricate project yet to come--and we want them to grow and develop as the Shaper community grows. So let us know what else you would like to see. Show us what you’re working on. And keep in touch!