June 2018 Mini-Release: Add To Scan

June 28th, 2018

We’ve all been there: 90% done with your project and all of a sudden you get hit by that red tape health meter. You haven’t changed anything about your workspace but you cut through most of the tape that made up your initial scan. What to do? Add tape, tap Update Scan, scan your entire workspace all over again, and hope that you remember which cuts still need finishing passes.

No longer! We’ve noticed that the Update Scan has been a point of friction in a lot of users’ workflows, so we’ve overhauled it. Once updated, your tool will now show an ‘Add to Scan’ button where the ‘Update Scan’ button used to be located. This is more than a rename, though. The ‘Add to Scan’ feature acts like a patch on your initial scan. Simply make the changes to your workspace that are necessary (more ShaperTape, guide marks on your worksurface, etc), tap ‘Add to Scan,’ scan the affected area, and Origin will stitch this new area into your initial scan.

Your grid and cut history will be retained, all the non-overlapping information from your original scan will remain unchanged, and the feature itself is even more reliable and accurate than its precursor. You can use ‘Add to Scan’ to incrementally work your way across larger workspaces, or to get those final cuts on projects that were planned with, let’s say, more ambition than forethought. In the video below, Sam walks you through the ‘Add to Scan’ feature and how best to use it.

Consider this a mini-release. We’re working on a bunch of new features that we think you’re going to love and we’re going to roll them out in a larger release soon. But since our team finished this one early, we thought we’d release it on its own, as a kind of between-update snack!