Introducing Shaper In Residence Maya Kremien

Aug 12th, 2016

We recently launched Shaper in Residence, a month-long program that provides people of varied backgrounds and interests access to Shaper Origin, our workshop and team, and a modest stipend including materials. The purpose of the residency is to provide creative practitioners and thinkers an opportunity to explore their ideas with the power of Origin at their side and to create a collaborative exchange with the team at Shaper. Residents get to make in ways not otherwise possible and we get to learn more about Origin.

Maya Kremien, our first Shaper in Residence, is an Industrial Designer who grew up breaking and making things. We loved Maya’s resourceful idea to combine a coffee table and foosball table. Get to know a little more about Maya, her residency, and her delightful project!

Interested in becoming a Shaper in Residence? Send us your portfolio or tell us your story, and let us know what you propose to do with Origin.