Using Plate in Small-Batch Production

Recently, I've found a little niche in making high-end custom record consoles. I use Plate on the built-in accessories trays and the knife hinge installations. The minimal setup time is key for me. Every time I use it, it's just like, "Oh, this is fricking easy."

The thing I like about Plate is that it's no fuss. You don't even have to clamp it and the built-in alignment tabs are fantastic.

You just need a couple of crosshairs and that's it. And that's how most of my other joinery machinery works—just draw crosshairs, align, and go.

In my current record console piece, I used Plate to add built-in accessory trays. It doesn't need too much setup. Just needs a couple of lines drawn directly on Origin.

Plate is also useful in my shop for installing knife hinges. I already knew the hardware I needed, so I just searched for it in the Hardware Catalog and it popped right up. It was super cool.

The other thing I like about the Hardware Catalog files is that they have the cut depths written on the file, which was really nice. I didn't even test it first. It just worked great.