Individual projects. One workflow.

None of my projects is the same as the previous one. For me, this means that I always have to be flexible when it comes to installing different hardware, for example. Now I can replace the countless space-consuming templates that I built before, with Plate and Origin's digital workspaces.

The first project I used Plate for was a flat wall cabinet for my saw blades. I cut the holes for the pot hinges and handle quickly and easily with Origin + Plate.

The "Sync To Origin" button was fantastic. With Plate and the Hardware Catalog, I no longer have to worry about setting up new Grids all the time.

Autodesk Fusion 360 is my choice when it comes to designing my parts in three-dimensional space. I use the Shaper plugin to export them to Origin for cutting.

For two-dimensional parts or individual elements that I add to a workpiece, I turn to Shaper Studio. I use it on both on my iPad and my phone.