Flexibility and Efficiency

I use Origin mainly for quick and precise solutions. Plate is a huge improvement in terms of efficiency and speed when working with both small and large parts. I can just take Plate, place it, plan my cuts and start working.

Origin is a real problem solver in my workshop. From prototypes to patches, whatever the problem, Origin is there.

Plate continues to improve the quality of the overall workflow with Origin.

I get precise results with Origin the first time, every time, on operations that would otherwise require many attempts to get right.

Origin + Plate allows me to execute my ideas with precision, speed and repeatability, resulting in a design language all my own.

Hybrid woodworking is fun, it's not a threat—it's an opportunity!

New things always cause trouble, and that's a good thing! Especially in such an old profession, new techniques and ideas are often difficult to accommodate.